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We offer a variety of styles of fence construction for animals, livestock, and ranches as well as water hauling and animal shelter construction. Call us today at 805-980-9280!

water hauling

Water Hauling

Water is a necessity. Whether you fill your tanks for fire suppression, livestock watering, irrigation, dust control, or just doing the dishes, water is something you can't live without. Our experienced drivers will haul water to your facility or property and fill your tanks so you have access to this vital resource. We have polite, helpful, and experienced drivers, and our trucks have a large water capacity which saves you money because they can fill your tanks with fewer trips. Call us today at 805-980-9280 to schedule your water delivery!

pipe fencing


Whatever your fence needs are, we can help. At Chad Pankey Construction, we understand how important fencing can be - it keeps your animals in and can help mark the boundaries between pieces of property. We specialize in livestock, animal, and rural fencing but are also very experienced with all types of fences - from wire to pipe to wood to vinyl. Our fence specialists are extremely knowledgeable and will help you to determine what the right fence is for your application. Whether you need barbed wire, pipe, page wire, or high tensile, we will install your fence right, and at an affordable price. Call us today at 805-980-9280 for a free estimate.

animal shelter construction

Animal Shelters

Do you need a shelter for your horses, cattle or livestock? We offer high-quality, custom-built shelters for your animals. Animal shelters, available at the fraction of the price of a barn, provide shelter from the glaring sun of the day, driving rains and other weather conditions. They can be built in pastures, adjoined to existing buildings or where ever you have a need. We will build the shelter you need to your exact specifications. Call us today for a free estimate at 805-980-9280!

road and driveway grading

Driveway Grading

Driveway grading smooths the surface of your unpaved accessway, removing ruts that can dangerous to drive on and that cause damage to your vehicles and equipment. Grading is a more long-term solution to washouts and damage than filling potholes and ruts. In addition to driveway grading, the experienced contractors at Chad Pankey Construction also offer road maintenance and pioneering. We can maintain all unpaved roadways on your property and construct new roadways and driveways to pastures, barns, homes and more. Call us today to discuss all your driveway grading and road building, maintenance and pioneering needs.

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